Thursday, September 4, 2008

Procrastination at it's best!

During the first weekend in August, I was a vendor at a three-day show in Comox, BC called Nautical Days. I thought I went prepared. It turns out that I didn't go as prepared as I would have liked. I nearly sold out of my snap clips!

Since then, I have done the market a few times in Campbell River, BC and have not made any Hair Flair Snap Clips since preparation for Nautical Days.

I keep telling myself that today is the day that I will get to making my snap clips. I have the ribbon cut, but the ends still need to be treated to prevent fraying. I have cut about 175 pieces of each popular colour of ribbon and about 100 of the not-so-popular. It's a time-consuming process and I've treated three colours so far. If I just treat three colours a day, I'll be done in no time! I just have to keep telling myself that.

What project are you putting off?

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Strawberry Anarchy said...

it looks like a very cute stall!