Thursday, September 25, 2008


I love tutorials! I buy them a lot. Some I have taken full advantage of. Some I have not, but I plan to!

I bought a 'how to weave a headband with grosgrain ribbon.' I have not done it, yet. Why not? Although I mostly work with ribbon, it's velvet ribbon. Have you seen the amount of grosgrain ribbon choices out there????? Wholly cow, there's tons! For example, pink is a number one colour, but do you know how many shades you can buy??? And that's just the solid colours, then there's the striped, dotted, printed, etc, etc ribbon. There's a lot of choices before I start and that's why I have not.

The other tutorials have been great! I have made all sorts of wonderful things with them: fringe, beaded barrettes is one of my latest ones. It's the same with buying beads as it is with grosgrain ribbon.

Have you learned something new lately? What is it?

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