Friday, September 5, 2008

First Day of Kindergarden

My daughter started Kindergarden yesterday. I feel like such a bad Mom because I forgot my camera for the event. Not only that, somehow I missed some major things for the event: I didn't know we were to enter from the outside door. (The doors are not numbered on the outside, how was I suppose to find it?) I was also slack on getting her school supplies and did not have them for the first day (they were going for 1/2 an hour, what were they suppose to do with three glue sticks?) How did I miss in all of the papers that were mailed home that she was suppose to have "inside shoes". What are those? In my mind that would be slippers. Do they want me to provide slippers?

Even though I forgot my camera, the teacher shoo'd us out as fast as she could; I don't think I could have any photos. I would have also been the only parent with a camera. One day, I hope I get to meet her! (The teacher.) Her teacher seems strict, though and I felt like I was reprimanded; because I was tardy in buying the school supplies, the store was sold out of the plane paper books, so I bought lined ones. They were handed back to me by the teacher, with a I-can't-believe-you-did-that 'look' on her face.

Maybe I'll be fortunate enough to go to school to learn how not miss the fine print.

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