Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hair Flair - Alligator Clips

Good day!

As mentioned previously, I started Hair Flair with creating Alligator Clips. What is so unique about these nickel plated hair clips is each one has a magnet inserted for even better staying power. Each clip is also lined with the highest quality of velvet ribbon that comes out of Switzerland. I also treat the ends of the ribbon to prevent any fraying. I top each one with an appliqué (or in the case of the picture shown, two appliqués).

I sell at a local market: Pier Street Market: I have a following of Mom's that buy 'just one' each Sunday. I truly feel that their repeat business is a true testament to the quality of my creations.

I don't know what I would be doing if I wasn't making Hair Flair - probably going stir crazy! LOL!

I couldn't believe it the first time I saw my Hair Flair 'out and about'. I just about died! But, in a good way! It was like a dream come true , actually. Her Mom, Lisa, allowed me to take photos. I took three and one of them turned out AWESOME! So good, that I use it for my promotional material. The baby girl's name is Pheonix. She has a lot of Hair Flair now! That was last year and she still wears Hair Flair religiously!

Friday, August 29, 2008

How Hair Flair was created


My name is Marnie this is my first official blog, welcome!

I have been making Hair Flair in full force for two years now. I started as, "La Bella Boutique Barrettes." At Nautical Days craft fair in 2007 another vendor very politely told me that although my name was pretty, it was too long and not memorable.

So, I put my thinking cap on and started to think and think and think. I got all thunk out! Then, when I wasn't even thinking about it: Hair Flair popped into my head! The more I thought about it, the more I really, really liked it.

It was very appropriate indeed! Why? Well, I made hair clips, (1 3/4" alligator clips) not barrettes. I have since started making:

- 1 1/4" snap clips
- Decorative bobbi pins
- Interchangeable Flowered head bands
- Fringed, beaded barrettes
- Beaded ponytail holders and
- ..............Remains to be seen - keep your eyes on Hair Flair!

Thank you for stopping by! I really hope you drop by again.