Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Daily News

I have a child in the house and feel that although televised news is informative, it's too graphic and negative.

How do you explain to a child why someone's lying on the ground with a blanket over them? "No honey, he's not sleeping in the street......"

I choose not to have the news on in my home. I don't want to explain, yet, why people can be so crewel to each other, weather it's in our own country or another one.

I don't know what a good age, for kids, to hear and see the news, but I think I'm going to delay it for as long as possible.

Are you like me? Do you find that no news is good news?


UxCritter said...

Somewhat in agreement with you. But though I don't bring attention to it, news is a real part of life. You may want to sheild your little ones from a lot of nasty stuff, but it's much better for them to learn from you, explanations of things that are happening in the world than anyone else, who may give them who-knows-what angle on issues. Best to learn these things while they are still safe at home and have you to help them understand as best you can.

Diana said...

In the same way as I would shield my children from PG-13 or R rated movies when they are young, I would shield them from graphic news stories. Once they're old enough to understand, I'd want them to become informed and aware.