Saturday, September 13, 2008

How Do You Shop?

Are you a "colour" person? Are you shopper that looks for one, specific thing and that's it? Are you capable of getting and getting out with just what's on your list? Do you make a list?

I think I somehow fit into all of this. I was trying to locate 'pastels'. You know, those oil crayon things. They were on the list of supplies for my daughter starting kidergarten.

We were in Zellers, my fourth stop trying to find said pastels and we were walking past the cutest, hot pink sweater. I had my daughter try it on. It fit perfectly with just a bit of room for growth. Then, we needed other things to go with it! Shortly, I was at the check out with a $200- bill and three bags of new clothes!


What's one of your latest shopping experiences?


AshleySpatula said...

hmmmm.... Iam a VERY picky shopper lol. I have to love the colors, love the design, I dunno maybe this is standard for everyone but I have been very sad to pass over a shirt at the store that had an awesome color but I come to find it has a very unappealing (to me) picture on the front.
Plus I don't follow a lot of trends I kinda have a big mix of stuff from many styles because I liked those particular items.

Hair Flair said...

ashleyspatula, Welcome to Hair Flair.

I totally understand. I also find that if I don't buy an item and it 'haunts me', I have to go back and buy it because it was 'meant to be.'