Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mountain Biking

I went for my first "real" mountain bike ride yesterday with the local woman's riding group. It was suppose to be a "novice" ride. Wow! I was mistaken!! I cannot believe how hard I worked! I was not the only one who experienced their first ride and I'm so happy that I was not the one that was in 'last' place.

My bike does not have shocks and I was the only one without them. As my morning goes along, I am starting to feel every muscle that I didn't know I had!

I am finding it hard to get some good speed up with all the bumps in the trails - it's a fine line because if you don't go fast enough, you can't go over them. If you go too fast, the trees and turns come at you really fast and I'm scared that I may become 'one' with a tree!

The beer and burger afterwards was soooo good!

My bike is new-to-me and it does not feel like an extension of me, yet. I really want a new bike - with shocks!

This is me on the first time I went riding with my mountain bike, the trail that I did this particular day was very tame compared to last night - it was for distance.

I could not believe the amount of women that went out and how many of them are hard core riders! I have a lot to learn.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do you Facebook?

I think I'm addicted. I cannot believe the people that I have connected with!

I found a long lost friend in England, all sorts of school friends, family and friends in general; old and new.

It's a great way to keep updated on what everyone's doing. I like vague and and don't like huge details. Does that make sense? For example: I don't want to know the ingredients that you cooked your dinner with, I just want to know that you had a BBQ.

This is me on Facebook:

P.S. I took my picture of me on Halloween in 2007 using my bathroom mirror.