Monday, September 8, 2008

How Do You Organize?

When it comes to organization, do you have any specific 'rules' that you go by? Do you stack? Do you use all clear containers, so you can see what's in them? Do you put in a cupboard with doors to hide your items? Or do you put on a shelf for all to see?

I have chosen clear, stackable containers on a shelf. I really like how I can see everything. When I can see everything, it makes it so much easier to create! I think it's the openness of it all.

Ironically, my kitchen cannisters are see-through, too!

What tricks of the trade do you have?


MySweetThree said...

I use see-through containers too, I know it must save time by not having to open each container up when I am searching for something..but, I have never tried it with my kitchen containers...but that must be a time saver too!! ha ha!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh yeah--see through all the way! I had all my stuff in boxes and tins for so long, and got so tired of digging for things and buying things that I already had because I either couldn't find it or forgot I had it! Here are a couple shots of my studio so you can see a little of what I've done

Smiles, Karen

Hair Flair said...

I see that great minds think alike!

Karen, you have a great work space!