Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm home from my third operation

I can't believe I'm one breast less! But, I don't have cancer that spread - that's the really good news!

My operation yesterday was a success - I think. I'll find out when I see my surgeon for the pathology report next week. I'll book that appointment this morning. It's too early to book right now, the office isn't open at 8:00am.

I came home with my chest wrapped like a Mummy. It looks funny when I look in the mirror because I had double-D's. I remind me of a me when I was a teenager with an 'A' cup! LOL!

I was able to talk to a really nice lady named Barb in the hospital yesterday. She is a survivor and has had both breasts removed and also all of her lymph nodes. She is a nurse there, too! She's also a Dragon Boater, too! A true inspiration. She has chose to put in implants rather than the 'tram flap' (I think that's what it's called).

Implants seem to be the way to go for me. I'm going to opt for my DD's again! I don't mind admitting to being a fan of big boobs - but not too big like Beth's; you know, Dog, The Bounty Hunter's wife!

I am not on any real 'drugs' from my operation. I alternate Tylenol & Ibuprofen every three hours. It works well and I don't find that I stiffen up. I do have a drain. I think it's gross, so I won't go into detail about that! LOL!

I have daily exercises that I am suppose to do. They are harder than the other times, but if I don't do them, my shoulder will stiffen up and it'll be really had to get it back to normal.

I am married to a really nice man. He takes very good care of me and our family, I am fortunate. He has booked a trip for us. On September 20th, well be heading down to San Diego for a five day Mexican cruise. I hope I get fitted for some kind of prosthetic before then! Could you imagine wearing a bikini and only filling one side of it an the other side has nothing? Ugh! LOL! I am not suppose to 'fill' that side until my six weeks are up - but I have decided I'm going to cheat! Wouldn't you?

In talking with Barb, the survivor/nurse, I learned some information that I was given was incorrect! Apparently, I can carry a purse over my shoulder on my right side. That's okay, I've always been a left shoulder purse carrier - for some reason it must be slightly higher and has always fallen off my left! LOL! It's all good :)

I'm fighting like a girl!

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