Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Breast Cancer

I have always wondered in the back of my mind if it will be me or my sister. I wondered because we have an aunt, our Dad's sister pass away 20 years ago from it and my Mom's sister beat it five years ago.

My sister at 38, was diagnosed with Osteopenia (the beginning stages of Osteoperosis), so I guess it had to happen to me. I have High Grade Ductal Carcinoma. It is an aggressive breast cancer. But most breast cancer's are aggressive for "younger" women. I am 38. I found the lump while getting hot and heavy with my husband . He takes care of our family very well and he is devastated that he is not able to "fix" this.

Here is my "Cancer Calendar" to date:

- 14 June, found the lump
- 16 June, first Dr's appointment with GP
- 18 June, Mammogram (that showed nothing and my Dr. sat on the results for a week!)
- 03 July, had ultrasound and unscheduled biopsy before I left the hospital
- 09 July, Dr informed me of cancer
- 13 July, appointment with the surgeon
- 20 July, operation to have Sentinal nodes & lump removed
- 27 July, appointment with the surgeon at 2:45 to find out what kind of cancer and the stage (rescheduled)
- 28 July, appointment with the surgeon at the hospital, amid his rounds, for the above info. He told me it spread and he has to go back in. Later this day, the hospital called with 05-Aug as my next surgery date.
- 04 Aug, 9:45 appointment at the hospital for a C.T. scan of my internal organs.
- 04 Aug, 2:00 appointment at the hospital for a radiation injection. Back at 2:00 for a bone scan
- 05 Aug, 9:50, be at the hospital for my operation @ 11:50
- 06 Aug, went home from the hospital after the physiotherapist visited
- 07 Aug, went to the hospital to visit the Outreach nurse to have bandages changed as I leaked from the drain site
-08 Aug, Outreach nurse (Sandy) visited my home to change bandages (gave a waterproof one, so I would feel better about showering), checked my drain and checked incisions – all was good.
- 09 Aug, Outreach nurse (Sandy) visited my home to change bandages again (no waterproof ones, this time), had to shower without bandage, checked the flow of the drain and checked my incisions.
- 10 Aug, Outreach nurse (Sandy) came to my home and removed the drain and checked my incisions.
- 18 Aug, Appointment with the surgeon. He said that my bones are clean, my internal organ scan came out clean and the remaining lymph nodes that he took were clean. BUT, the breast tissue wasn’t and was told that my right breast has to go. He also said that I could be tested to see if I carry a certain gene. If I am a carrier, I have an 85% chance of contracting cancer in my other breast. If I’m not a carrier, my chances are 10%. I am going to try and ask if he can remove both, so I can get free implants!
- 19 Aug, received notification from the hospital that my surgery will be on the 27th of August.
- 24 Aug, Saw the surgeon to ask if he could remove also remove my left breast in my next surgery. It was decided to wait and explore my options.

So, there you have it. I have cancer and my new favorite saying is, "I fight like a girl!"

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