Sunday, March 1, 2009

Making A Dull Bead Shine

I frequent the Etsy forums and one night, a poster, DesignsByLucinda asked for six takers of 1 (each) of a plain, 1" bead. It's matte, marble. The idea is to see what six different people can do with the bead, providing it's the focal point. The whole scenario will be blogged about by

It was referred to as a "Bow Wow" bead. I had to ask what "Bow Wow" meant. Apparently, it's a bead that does not stimulate the owner in creating with it.

This is what I created with it (please note the matching earrings):

I would consider myself a novice jewelry maker, but am quickly becoming hooked!

What's got you 'hooked'?

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Cheryl said...

That's awesome! Great hob!