Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting Closer....

I know I've blogged about my procrastination before and, well, nothing's changed. I gave myself a 7 weeks to complete nearly 600 hair clips.

Well, I found other things to create instead and shop on-line. I love shopping on-line. I recently bought this: .

Oops, a little off topic there - what do you expect, I'm writing and showing all of you fine people out there in Blogger land what I'm NOT doing! LOL!

I have made about 300 or so clips at this point. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a few more completed - wish me luck!

What are you putting off?


Ashley said...

600 clips??? OMG thats alot.

Hair Flair said...

I have done nearly 300 in Shocking Pink alone. I am about to start on another shade of pink; only 175 this time:) I am trying to prepare myself for craft fairs and supply the shops that carry my Hair Flair - it's all good!