Saturday, April 11, 2009

Slow Food - Have You Heard Of It?

A few weeks ago, I heard the term, "slow food." I had never heard of it before, have you?

Apparently, it's the family sitting down to a home cooked meal! I guess there's so much fast food out there that sitting down to a good home cooked meal is rare.

Nearly every evening my family has a home cooked meal, usually cooked by me and I had never thought of this as odd or uncommon.

How many nights do you eat "slow food"?


Ashley said...

How sad that this is seen as uncommon. We eat "slow food" practically everynight. For us, my husband is the cook in our family.

Cheryl said...

We eat slow food every night! My hubby partner eats fast food at nearly every meal and we often talk about how in the world they can do that!

ki'i nani photography said...

You are a wonderful cook. Thanks for sharing your slowcooking meal with me yesterday and the tips.